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"Masi is extremely professional and a very effective trainer. I am new to strength training and he designed a complete fitness program for me. The program includes meal plans with nutritional goals, weekly cardio goals and a complete strength regiment. He also accompanied me to my local gym to show me how to use the weight machines correctly. He has an excellent understanding of the underlying principles of weight loss and fitness as a lifestyle. His reasonable, unintimidating approach makes it easy for one to reach their goals!"​
Masi understands everyone's personal fitness goals, works to create both a meal and fitness plan that have long-lasting results, and is open-minded and flexible. He's well-experienced and well-qualified as a trainer; any gym would be lucky to have him. His prices are also affordable, making access to a 5-star trainer easier than ever. ​
Masi is a great and knowledgeable trainer! I started training with Masi with zero experience in working out yet he was very supportive and helped me reach my goals. He encouraged me to stick to the work out plan and had no judgements. I stuck to Masi's meal plans which he would tailor weekly depending on my progress. I lost weight while retaining muscle which helped me reach my goals. He is quite knowledgeable in his diet plans and you will see results if you track everything as he recommends. I plan on training with Masi for several more months so I can use his expertise in both training and nutrition to reach my ultimate fitness goals ​

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